Episode 178

Summary: Back home from vacation after missing last week’s recording due to illness, visit to The Loopy Ewe, results from dyeing classes, Estes Park Wool Market recap, knitting, spinning, house update, and more . . .





  • Road construction
  • Robert’s woes at home – car trouble and air conditioning
  • Illness


Theme Music: “Make His Praise Glorious” – Jeff Bennett (used with permission)

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2 Responses to Episode 178

  1. Debie says:

    Hi, I try to watch your podcast as much as possible, but like you, life gets in the way. I want to thank you for this episode. Especially the verse Hab. 2:3 It sure has spoken to my heart and I am thankful to God for the little things, especially when someone who doesn’t know me, listens to the Lord and scripture and shares. God bless and keep up the good work. I really enjoy watching all that is going on! Hugs to you Sister in Christ!!! Debie (LilMama1 on Ravelry)

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