Episode 67

Summary:  Master knitter program resubmitted, getting ready for DFW Fiber Fest, spring has sprung . . .



  • Touching story of a yarn shop helping a knitter who lost all in a fire



  • Still waiting on my bulky flyer
  • Fred tried to escape
  • Airfare prices
  • Spring and allergies


Theme Music: “Make His Praise Glorious” – Jeff Bennett (used with permission)

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3 Responses to Episode 67

  1. bettina walia says:

    will look up the spin book….really love the fred jumping out of your arms when jed was whining.

  2. Debie says:

    Such a good show! My littlest girl is 14 1/2 mths old and just loves your cat! She got really excited this week when your dog started to whine! She was laughing and bouncing trying to grab the screen! It was so cute! Thanks for all your sharing, you have a great show!

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